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Heroic Throne of Thunder: Lei Shen
This was by far one of the best tier-end heroic bosses we've seen in awhile, right up there with Ragnaros in Firelands and the Lich King in Icecrown Citadel. Unlike Sha of Fear, the entire raid is truly tested, rather than just a few people, and there is practically no tolerance for individual mistakes -- which of course leads to a lot of very frustrating wipes.

Like many guilds we were able to push into phase three early on but then suffered wipe after wipe to minor abilities for what seemed like forever, and then many more very low percentage wipes until we perfected our strategy. One of the great things about a well-designed fight is you can make strategy adjustments and see continual progress as you apply them, and Lei Shen was like that for us; with each adjustment we made, we pushed a little further into the fight.

Special thanks to Jenk who transferred over at a moment's notice to fill a spot after our previous warlock, Banished, was suddenly unable to raid after we killed Dark Animus. Jenk had been playing casually prior to this and this was not only his first heroic kill in the instance, but his first Lei Shen kill at all! I doubt many guilds or players can claim that.

It's also worth mentioning the awesome 1% Reincarnation by Shamrockz that you can see on his stream as our raid fell apart at the end. But clearly it was Drhaze's amazing raid leading throughout the final 5% of the encounter that lead us to victory. It went something like: "Kill the boss. Kill it. Please kill it. Kill it. Kill it. Kill it!" With amazing, articulate instructions like that, how can you lose?
Heroic Throne of Thunder: Dark Animus
Ah, Dark Animus. Everybody's favorite fight. Let's sample what some of our raiders had to say:

Sillytickles: "Did I activate that golem? Sorry, my mouth was full...of bacon."
Chreese: "I love those dildos on his arms."
Mute: "I FUCKING HATE THIS FIGHT. By the way, what do you mean Anima Font is avoidable?"
Banished: "I can't raid tonight. Or tomorrow night. Or any night. These shopping carts won't collect themselves, you know!"
Bearwyn: "Does this mean we can finally not raid tomorrow?"
Syrio: "Okay now that we've made 90 pulls, it occurs to me that I might be using the wrong pet. Who needs physical vulnerability anyway?"
Drhaze: "The important thing here is *bzzt* *click* *humm* so then we'll *bzzt* *buzz* okay?"
Peachington: "Watch as I dispel Syrio right as Jolt goes out... bam! Executed! *evil laugh*"
Shamrockz: "OMG HOW DID I DIE?"
Westi: "..."
Xwn: "I love you all! Seriously. No really, seriously guys!"

Onward to the heroic Lei Shen grind!
Heroic Throne of Thunder: Durumu the Forgotten
We almost killed this in less than ten pulls on our first night, but I didn't feel like posting a new screenshot so I decided to wipe us at ten percent and call the raid.
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