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Heroic Throne of Thunder: Megaera
Ever have one of those nights where it seems like whatever you're attempting is impossible and just not going to happen? I think most of our raid had given up after about the first 30 minutes of our raid, and apparently that was the missing ingredient. Once we stopped caring, we eventually had a pull that was so unbelievably bad and executed so poorly that it was inevitable that we'd kill it. Hooray!
Heroic Throne of Thunder: Council of Elders
Our last few weeks have been rough (and strange) as we again re-configured our raid group while dealing with some absences and other miscellaneous pain, but we recovered nicely to take down Council in a couple of days' worth of attempts. This fight wasn't too difficult but had an unfortunate amount of RNG in that a "good" attempt in which two or more Frostbite targets have an immunity was drastically easier than an attempt without. With most of the "Easy" fights out of the way now, it's time to delve into the more difficult parts of the tier!
Heroic Throne of Thunder: Tortos
Those whirling turtles certainly drove us batty, but we kicked it up a notch and left Tortos shell-shocked.
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