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Heroic Throne of Thunder: Ji-Kun
We didn't have much time left in our raid week so we decided to clear a few normals and try this guy out of order. It only took a few pulls to figure the timing of the fight out, and most of our wipes were people trying unsuccessfully to fly from a lower nest to an upper nest in one shot. Plus we ran out of bad apps, so Peach and Drhaze resorted to scaring actual members each time we wiped.
Heroic Throne of Thunder: Horridon
This was a difficult fight for being so early in the heroic tier; definitely a huge ramp up in skill required from Jin'rokh to this. We really shot ourselves in the foot for a few days on it, bringing multiple failed apps, poor composition, and bad assumptions about what our problems were. It was a lesson in raid leading and a reminder of how effective repeated strategy changes can (or can't) be if (not) executed properly.

From a DPS perspective, at least, Horridon was a pretty fun fight. Worst part? Stupid pink dino. Best part? My pink dino executing poor, defenseless Peach when he is least expecting it.
Heroic Throne of Thunder: Jin'rokh the Breaker
We decided not to push things the first week, so we didn't get a chance to push over this pushover until the third week. It only took us a little over an hour, but Horridon looks to be quite a bit more difficult, so away we go on the new raid tier.
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