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Heroic Terrace of the Endless Spring: Sha of Fear
It's all over! Normally this is where I'd post some nonsense about how this kill is bittersweet, because we felt like we had it dead something like, oh, 50 pulls ago...but no, I'll restrain myself. Really, I will. It wasn't like we wiped at 2% something like a week ago or anything. Nope, nothing like that at all.

In all seriousness though, we've come a long way this tier and I'm very proud of the group we've assembled. We lost a number of progression weeks to poor gear, not having enough people, and massive re-recruitment, but managed to finish everything on time regardless. When we moved to KJ and started this new guild our only real goal was to "defeat content while it's current" and with this, we achieved that goal, and more. We have a great, fun-filled raid environment with people who are genuinely nice, and we are all excited to keep cruising along in the next patch.

Along with the folks you see in this glorious screen capture above, I want to thank Mollikye and Xwn who volunteered to sit for Sha for composition reasons. I know it's never easy to sit on the sidelines for the final boss, especially when it goes on for a couple of weeks. Anyway, videos to come!
Heroic Terrace of the Endless Spring: Tsulong
One more encounter left in the tier (or should I say tire?) and there's no question we can't wait to be done with it. Having a lot of content is nice, but it's been a long grind and there's a whole new raid on the horizon. Still, our group has been performing admirably these past few weeks and everybody is excited to check out Sha of Fear. Onward!
Heroic Heart of Fear: Grand Empress Shek'zeer
Not a bad way to finish off the Heart of Fear instance: less than a full night's worth of attempts to kill this one from start to finish. We had held off on Empress and did a couple heroic fights in Terrace of the Endless Spring instead, thinking that it might be easier given that we'd just switched 2/3 of our regular healers to new characters. With average item levels at or below 490, things definitely felt strained at times, but overall they played admirably.

The next patch approaches and we're not sure how much time we have to finish things off, but it's nice to have made it this far through roster changes, vacations, a fairly slow start to the tier, and the terrible raid comp we've had to deal with through much of the expansion. Onward to Tsulong!
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