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Icecrown Citadel: The Crimson Hall
It's always bittersweet to overcome an encounter days after the fight has been changed; we ventured in here on Wednesday and had a few good Blood Queen pulls, including a heartbreaking wipe to the enrage with about 400K health left on her, and weren't able to spawn her again until tonight. The DPS requirement has been heavily relaxed, and you can easily defeat it now without intentionally killing raid members...sort of a shame, as that part was somewhat unique. This should be a great heroic encounter, the mechanic is quite fun.
Trial of the Grand Crusader: A Tribute to Insanity
One could pen a Shakespearean tragedy about our Trial of the Crusader experience. We started the instance three weeks late as we couldn't field a raid, and during that time went through two different main tanks, a variety of healers, and had pretty much an entirely new raid roster by the end.

On top of that, our failure at this achievement was epic: a month and a half ago we completed it with no real wipes, but lost our Insanity run when the server imploded during Jaraxxus. Since then, we've invented new ways to wipe on just about every fight, from disconnects to forgetting to change specs to bringing new people in at the wrong times. All in all it was frustrating, and it's somewhat embarrassing to get it at a point where we outgear the entire instance, but...hey, it's finally done.
Icecrown Citadel: The Plagueworks
We had multiple perfect Professor Putricide pulls the first week, where we were smart enough to go into phase 3 just as a new ooze spawned. Oh yea, we cleared the first four bosses on the first day just like everybody else, it wasn't exactly newsworthy. Glad to see the difficulty is slowly ramping up.
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