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Eredar Twins
Should have been dead a few days ago on our second night of real attempts, but my fail raid leading did us in at 5%. Still this can be a pretty entertaining encounter, lots of different ways to make you want to strangle your fellow guildmates--always a plus! Although it's taken us awhile to move through it, Sunwell has been a fairly rewarding and very well tuned instance so far, and we can't wait to wipe into oblivion on M'uru. Joy!
It's that time of year again: the grass is green, the sun is shining, and... nobody shows up for raids. It seems like things have really slowed down on Burning Legion and we are no exception, we had a difficult time filling spots for a few weeks in June and it really showed. Luckily thanks to some new recruits and some old faces popping up, we're back on track (we hope) and got a Felmyst kill to show for our efforts.

Taking a step back, this was a pretty fun fight overall, despite the same old Burning Crusade mechanic of "one bonehead will ruin every attempt." We tried a few different group compositions and basic strategies (I was a bit partial to my original "OMG RUN!" strat myself) before settling on what we finally killed it with. We ended up bringing a couple of alts to fill out the priest roster (and forced Claudiapantz to play Dox since Madamcurie's wife told us he couldn't slay the dragon this week), so thanks to everybody who stuck with it and agreed to fill these weird roles.

In other news we are still actively recruiting competent and experienced raiders, so be sure to check out our application section if you are interested.
It seems like Brutallus is really a love-it-or-hate-it encounter; lots of fun for the DPS to go all out, probably not so much fun for healers who inevitably get blamed when a tank falls over, which is really the only thing that can go wrong. Between some people dealing with finals, others doing family stuff, and others just plain burnt out, we'd only been able to make a small handful of attempts over the past two weeks on this guy. Tonight we were this close to postponing the attempts until Monday, but we said "What the heck, let's spend a flask's worth of time on it, maybe we'll learn something." A couple of hours later, Brut had fallen.

We still have a ways to go in terms of gearing some people, but hey, we somehow managed. Big props to our healing crew for stepping it up (we had to pull Drackaine out of retirement and force him to heal!) and to Cherylpantz for suffering through a crash course in druid tanking (pro tip: It helps to be in bear form on the pull) with Tweeden out on vacation. To all the other guilds trying this: don't believe the hype. You don't need to have warglaives and full Tier 6 gear on every player (not that it doesn't help). Just make the little optimizations and you'll get it done.
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