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Default Pet battle info (duo'ing tamers to pl) for xwn

It goes without saying that this is not the best, it is just what I've been using. It might be worth using Spirit crab over anubisath idol, have to grab one of these and test it.


Vale - Aki
Anubisath Idol / Moth
Swap lowbie in on critter once sandstorm is up. Leave the lightning weather up on dragon, since moth will benefit from it (also use slicing wind instead of alpha strike due to surge bug).

Thundering earth spirit
Any rabbit, must be faster than elemental and burrowing mouse fuckface + Flayer youngling
Send lowbie in first, it will eat first stun. Ele fight is pretty straight forward. Flayer should be able to kill ooze, 3rd guy requires cd management, I will edit this in later after I fight him.

scratch-stone rush
burrow-stone rush
scratch-stone rush
burrow-stone rush

Kun-lai / Yon
Idol / something to kill goat (I use tonk)
Swap lowbie in on rabbit, must have enough hp to survive a sandstorm'd flurry (50-52? x2-3)

Burning spirit
Anubisath Idol / Emerald proto
Sandstorm right away, deflect the fly away then spam 1 until elemental. Use deflect first, ele will conflag. sandstorm after. After this, deflect when sandstorm comes off cooldown and then deflect right after (it lines up with conflag). Make sure sandstorm is up when you swap to lowbie on third pet.

Townlong steppes (seeker zusshi?)
snarly or electrified razortooth / moth
Swap lowbie in on the strider. Only thing worth noting on this is RNG, it can screw you or let your croc almost solo it.

Dread wastes - seeker whatever his face
Any bird (gilnean raven/miniwing/brilliant kaliri work well) + Crawdad
Send lowbie in first. The crab should HOT or whirlpool first every time.

Water spirit
Lowbie must have enough HP to survive tidal wave spam (try lvl 5-10). Deflect first dive, use on the whirlpool later. Use flayer for critter guy, and w/e on third.

Krasarang - mo ruk
XT/Sprite darter
XT: heartbreak, tantrum, zap until XT is dead. EXP soaker will have to finish off either the bird or the turtle.

Nishi - vale: no explanation is needed

Air spirit
Emerald proto can solo it, use infinite whelp as backup (or to speed up the elemental kill). Send lowbie in whenever, should be level 5+

Jade forest - hyuna
Emerald proto whelp / moth
Be careful with the snake. Swap lowbie in on the last guy (he only has headbutt, shell and healing wave)

DMF Zep/Emerald proto
Send lowbie on beetle, it casts apocalypse first.

edit: wolpertinger works really well here, used 24 wolp+25 scourged whelpling+25 disgusting ooze this morning. wolp did about 1.75 pets worth of dmg then died, swapped in scourg whelp for dnd then ooze in to finish the last 2 (both ooze dots increase dnd significantly, all 3 dots bypass the whelps dodge). I will probably settle on wolp/279+ speed strider for this.


Gilnean raven(crow) / Rabbit
After a few more days this went pretty well, last pet should be 15+ to finish off the flower.

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