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Default Ruzted Says Hi =]

Hey guys long time no see. I hope the raiding and pixel slaying those dargons is going well. I was going to take the time and make a fake recruitment about Buzted and his almighty skullet and his orange shadowmourne, but I just dont have the time lol. The real reason I am making this post is because I was telling my GF about the my old wow days and the "Ruzted MS paint thread" came up which I hope is still alive and well. I wanted to show her so if you could make this happen I would be forever grateful.

Love your favorite feral druid,
Ruzted <3

ps Farmer you are still a faggot
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I gave you access to the new and old guild forums, I dunno where that exact thread is but its in there somewhere. You had another account (Ruztedd?) with the old kitten mittens signature I think too.

Hope everything is going well, if you ever come back in game for any reason, stop by and say hi! : )
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Farmer Tiberius Gregor is my best friend, the love of my life, and the 26th best prot warrior in this fine country of ours. I won't stand idly by while he is insulted by some skullet-sporting guido.

God bless Luke Bentley and God bless America.
I'm Drquack
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<has ebola>
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I do not support the homosexual man and his deviant endeavors.

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Oh it's ruzted :^) hi

Farmer I wonder sometimes if you are a wizard.
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o hi
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RIP ruzted mspaint thread
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