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Day one in Ulduar saw crappy servers, broken trash, and bugged bosses. We knocked down what we could given those circumstances, which got us all of two bosses into the instance. This was a fun fight in particular, so far so good. Screenshots will probably be sporadic for a day or two since we all fail at actually posing after we kill something.
Heroic Raiders
Black Proto-Drakes for all! Getting this done was sort of a foregone conclusion as we saved the "easiest" (or perhaps, most tedious) achievements for the end, the 20-man set. Our first group got it tonight and the other group will get it tomorrow night. Congrats to all, now it's time to twiddle our thumbs until Ulduar. And yes, this screenshot is pretty bad; just like most of our wipes/arguments/bad DPS, a good policy is just to: blame Syrio.|It should be noted that the real epic achievement here was watching and waiting for Truevision to try to get a killing blow on a Scion in phase two. Our raid paid the least twice. Oh, the humanity!
I failed at taking a screenshot of 6-minute Malygos, but these were the last two we needed as a guild. As always congrats to everybody involved, and many thanks to those who sat on the sidelines, I know this was a hard one to miss. Next week: a repeat performance!|The moment of truth.
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