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This turned out to be a pretty fun fight that demands quite a bit of execution and heads-up play from everybody involved. When the patch hit we started out feeling pretty undergeared, and despite some good attempts early on we ended up going back for more gear farming, and spending a day or two in here for a couple of weeks. Finally we stopped to focus on it, and after a few heartbreaking wipes (probably due in large part to some poor decisions I made) we showed up today and almost immediately downed it in our most controlled attempt to date. I think quite a few of our players really "grew up" in this encounter.
Illidan Stormrage
We capped off a great week with what was, without a doubt, the most epic raid night I've ever experienced, and this was the result. I can't say enough about the great group of players we have here and how much they put in to push us through the game these past few months. From keeping a positive attitude through countless wipes to farming after hours to stock the guild bank, everybody contributed to this, and continues to contribute.

This was only our second night (uh, morning?) on Illidan and although I was of course hopeful, I didn't expect to actually get it down. I'd actually called the raid—twice—only to have everybody say "keep going!" When we wiped at 8% I figured we were done. When we wiped at 15% a few tries later I actually said "we're done." When we were absolutely perfect up to phase 3 only to realize that somebody wasn't wearing his SR gear, I figured it wasn't to be. I called the raid again, but finally agreed to one more pull.

This time, it was perfect all the way through.
Illidari Council
The Anatomy of a Kill:

4 AM in Brazil? Check.
1 AM server time? Check.
Last pull of the night? Check.
Tank has a fresh game card? Check.
Hairy joins the raid for the last pull? Check.
Cherylpantz dead twice during the pull? Check!

We actually weren't going to have a raid today at all, we made our first few attempts yesterday and decided to see what we had. At raid time we had 22 people and said what the heck. Got it to 9% earlier without a full raid and then stuck it out. Great job to everybody, you all really stepped up this week!
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