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Mother Shahraz
We tried Mother halfheartedly after our first Reliquary kill, then took a week off of progression to farm shadow resist gear. With no one able to lend us any Hearts and without much luck in drop rates, we showed up this week in a mix of greens and re-enchanted old gear, and after only a few attempts somehow got a kill. This fight looks like it would be pretty trivial with full shadow resist gear!
Reliquary of Souls
Umm, so when I said it's chill time, I guess I meant now it's chill time. I'll admit, even I didn't expect to have a chance of one nighting Reliquary. Again, many congratulations and hearty pats on the back to all involved.
Not sure what to say about Hyjal, other than I guess I expected it to be more difficult. It took us roughly two and a half hours to learn and kill Archimonde, all with horrible composition and a protection Paladin and feral Druid healing.

Congrats to everybody involved and thanks for hanging in there on a couple late nights. Unfortunately we're about 110 Hearts short of what we need for whatever that next resist fight is called, so it may be time to chill and farm stuff for awhile.
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